When people think eco-friendly construction, they probably think of recycled building materials and clean energy, but at Gayanga Co. we think that environmentally sustainable construction practices are even more complex.

public health

Gayanga Co. is revolutionizing public health impacts in urban environments as both physical and mental health are affected when a single blighted structure is removed from a community. Experts say that living “next door to vacant and abandoned property that is used for criminal activity, wears on them psychologically.” In the last 6 months, we have cleared more than 11,000 tons of debris from neighborhoods in Detroit.


With unsafe water infrastructure across the US and the globe, urban water security is at risk. By removing lead pipes and building sound water and sewer lines, we are not only providing clean drinking water to communities, but we are laying the foundation for neighborhoods to live healthy and productive lives.

air quality

Prior to the 1980’s, structures were built with asbestos, which we now know can harm childhood development and can lead to lung cancer. By demolishing these older structures, Gayanga Co. is improving air quality in urban areas and protecting the world around us. During the demolition process, we use proper dust control measures to ensure both the community and our workers are not exposed to asbestos and lead debris.